Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sleepless in West Texas

I love sleep. I love everything about it. I actually feel giddy when I first slid into bed and stretch out. And if I have fresh sheets- watch out, because I may knock you over in my flying leap  to the bed- but hey- if you are in my room at bedtime- things have gone wrong and you probably needed to be knocked out anyway. Getting ready for bed is my favorite ritual- there is nothing like rocking comfy PJ's and brushing your teeth- and let me tell you- I can rock a cute pair of Pj's all day long! For 32 years and 2 days Sleepy Time was my favorite time of day. Sleep and I were a match made in Slumber heaven.

Fast forward three months and 7 days. Sleep is mad at me. Sleep avoids me, will not return my calls, and did not leave a forwarding address. Sleep did not want to move to Abilene. Big deal, neither did I, but I still show up in my cute PJs at bedtime. I am willing to stick it out and see if a lack of traffic noise actually is perfect to sleep to. But I get sleep's voice mail again, so I turn to fence jumping sheep and the occasional owners manual to lure sleep back to my bed. And even then, sleep only stays long enough to make me miserable. Sleep is the worst booty call ever!
I don't know why I can't sleep. I blame it on stress and caffeine. Which I wouldn't need if sleep would come back! But I digress... It is Tuesday morning, apprx 2 in the morning and I am still awake! Doesn't sleep remember that we have a kid to get to school in the morning? Sleep doesn't care. Sleep is selfish and wants to watch an American Pickers marathon on the History Channel. I am desperate for a good nights sleep. Any suggestions? I'll try anything to get back together with sleep.

It occurs to me... Sleep has turned me in to THAT psycho ex girlfriend. The one that refuses to give up and daydreams about our little sleep chillins. I don't know how I feel about that. Not proud, and maybe a little dirty. I should shower and stop being so desperate for sleep...

right after I chase Sleep down the street and beg him to come back.
Night...errr, morning?


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