Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Most Thankful Thing

November is crazy busy- I always forget about how busy things start getting this time of year. In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving 2012 has come and gone, I want to talk about what I am thankful for.
 The Dallas Cowboys (really)
I'm a born and raised Texas girl. Until three months ago, I had only lived in one city... Arlington. Smack dab in between Fort Worth and Dallas, Arlington is literally in the middle of everything. It is also the home of the Dallas Cowboys. I love when they are winners, I hate when they lose. I love to get angry and voice my opinion to anyone who will listen about what is wrong and how I would fix the team. I  actually spend time pondering why a team that is so talented can't build a bond and kick ass all over the league. I love going to games and I will give you the stink eye times ten if you sport anything other than silver and blue. I love the victory high on Monday morning and I even love the hangover of defeat. The Cowboys give me hope every training camp and each week of the season I get to forget everything around me and I live and die by every call, play, and penalty. More than anything else though, the Cowboys give me perspective. Why? Because... win or lose, in the end there is usually never ONE thing that determined the outcome. It's the small things, from field goals to interceptions, and how you react to those things, that will determine how your season plays out.
I've heard it told that as long as you remember someone, they never really die. In my life, as in every one's life, I've lost people that I love. With some I was able to brace myself for the loss, and others left me scarred by the way they were seemingly ripped from my life. I'm comforted by the thought that I carry a piece of them with me that I can share with others. I can only hope to mean that much to the ones I'll someday leave behind.
Family and Friends
I am so blessed to be my parents daughter and my brother's sister. I adore my parents and my brother. They gave me such a wonderful and strong foundation upon which I have built my life. There are no words that can truly explain what they mean to me or what I have learned from them. I'm proud to be from my family. I know that the relationship I have with my immediate family is rare these days, and I treasure it. I know it sounds cheesy, but I really mean it when I say that if I can be as good a parent as they have been to me, then my life will have been well spent.
Love comes from all places. I'm thankful for the love my husband has for me. He deals with crazy on a regular basis and never backs away from it. He really would do anything for me, even if I don't always admit that fact to myself.
While still talking about love, I am so thankful for the new love and newest member of my family, my brother's wife. I am nothing if not ferociously protective of my family, especially my little brother. I would give the world to prevent his heart from ever breaking. So, naturally, I was always wary of any girl he brought around, and usually voiced my opinion of said girl, be it positive or negative. Let the record show that I was always right. My sister-in-law has proven to be perfect girl for him. She loves my brother and makes him happy, and that is all I have ever wanted for him.

Wow... this post has been very long and very thought provoking on my end, and while I could go on and on about the things I am thankful for, I"ll stop with this... For each blessing I have been given, I thank God everyday.


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