Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's for dinner?

So many of my memories center around the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table listening to my Mom and Granny tell stories and share gossip while my Granny cooked Sunday lunch. Dressing my little brother up in a suit and pencil mustache to "wait" on our parents while they ate a meal we made. Laughing as my best friend's mom made tea and burned toast-again. Slow dancing with my husband after washing the dishes. The kitchen is the heart of my home. I found that over the past few years I was straying from the kitchen. Maybe it was the golden glow of arches, or the allure of feeding my whole family in less than ten minutes-for less than ten dollars. Who knows why- all I know is that I would go weeks without turning on my oven. I had a beautiful kitchen that I never cooked in. Shame on me.
Something changed when we moved this past August (more about that later) I like to think that I had some kind of culinary awaking, but the truth is that I didn't know where any fast food place were at. So I did what came naturally. I ordered a pizza to be delivered. Ha! The next day while munching on cold pizza I came to the conclusion that I would just have to bite the bullet and go to the grocery store- and then actually cook the food I brought home. The first few meals were rusty while I worked around a new kitchen set up and brushed the cobwebs off of my cook books. Now, three-almost four- months later I can honestly say that my family eats out less than once a week. I plan out meals and play with recipes. I actually come up with some on my own- Say What?! I allow myself cheat days when we call up the local pizzeria or I dash on over to our favorite chicken joint for a bucket of assorted chicken parts. but mostly it's me- in the kitchen- making memories with.... well.... usually the dog. I rate a distant second to the smart phones and TV :) But.... I get 'em at dinner. No phones, no TV. Just people. Eating dinner together like a normal family. It;s not a big deal. It's not unique or visionary. It is, however, my favorite time of day.

I plan on sharing whatever it is that I concoct for dinner- the recipe-ish (I do a lot of eyeballing and improvising) and hopefully a pic. I hope you'll share with me what you love to cook and share with your family.

Have a happy night and bright morning!


  1. I need more blog posts!! We should start doing this more! I want to blog it up, girl! Blog blog blog it up! (I don't know where that came from, but I am NOT deleting it!)

  2. I'm def going to try to be better about posting, cause so much crazy stiff is going on! I'll blog about the name :) good story!